Rio Grande, Texas  

The Trip Package Includes
Pre-trip orientation meeting in
Transportation from to the river
Transportation from the river back to
Eight days of canoeing and hiking on the rio Grande
All on-river meals
Eating utensils, cup and plate
Camp chairs
Tent (by request)
Sleeping bag and pad (by request)
Waterproof bags for your personal gear
Complimentary T shirt

You are responsible for:
Meals and lodging before and after your trip
Personal clothing and other miscellaneous items such as fishing gear and license, camera, sunscreen, etc.

On the River
The pace of your river trip is very dependent on the water level! You will usually spend 4 to 6 hours a day on the river. Breakfast is served about 8 AM and you are on the water by about 10 AM. There will be a stop mid-day for lunch and maybe some short hikes. We set up camp in late afternoon, allowing time to hike and relax before we serve dinner. If youare new to camping the guides will be happy to help you.

Basic Logistics
Our Main Salmon trips begin in and end in . We can also arrange departure from Bozeman, MT.

We can arrange off-river transportation for you at an additional cost. For those flying to we will arrange a scenic small plane shuttle from before your trip and from after the trip. If you are driving to we can have your car shuttled to to meet you at the end of the trip


Off-River Transportation
When To Travel:
Plan to arrive in Salmon the day before your trip start date. If you fly into Boise, schedule your flight to arrive by 1:30 PM to catch the 2 PM air shuttle to Salmon or by 5:00 PM to catch the 5:30 PM air shuttle to Salmon. Flyers will leave McCall the day your trip ends and should plan to spend the night in Boise. You can schedule your departure flight the
first thing the following morning. If you drive you may wish to spend the night in McCall.

How to Get There:
If You Fly
The closest commercial airport is Boise, ID. United, Delta, Alaska, Horizon and Southwest service Boise. Please plan your flight into Boise so that it arrives by 5 PM the day before your river trip. If you arrange the air shuttle to Salmon with us, collect your baggage and proceed to the Empire Air/Salmon Air desk. This is an easy walk in the direction of gates 1-5 at the west end of the airport. Flights to Salmon are scheduled to leave at 2 PM and 5:30 PM. Look for a Salmon Air pilot at the Empire Air/Salmon Air meeting area, or if you don't find one call Salmon Air at (800) 448-3413.
If You Drive
Take Route 75 north from Twin Falls 249 miles. This will take you near Sun Valley. An alternate route is Hwy. 21 from Boise to route 75. Each drive takes about 6 hours. The Stagecoach Inn is located on the north end of town on Route 75. Plan to arrive in Salmon for the 8:00 PM orientation meeting the evening before your trip. ECHO can arrange to have your car shuttled to McCall (see above). The cost of the gas is not included in the shuttle fee so you should have a full tank of gas and enough cash or a credit card to cover the cost of the 252 mile shuttle to the town of McCall.

Or we leave from Bozeman Montana - let us know your plans so we can help with any details.

Active excitement and relaxing enjoyment rolled into one incredible wilderness experience