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Canoe Trips 2002-2003

Our canoe trips are made for people who enjoy the wilderness and are open to some challenge—no matter what their level of experience. We offer a full range of trips- from beginner to advanced with instruction and support to help guests gain the confidence to enjoy whitewater canoeing. Our raft support canoe trips offer the option for diverse groups to enjoy a trip together with some people in canoes and others in rafts.

The Salmon River, Idaho 7 days - Aug.22 ,30, Sept 7 -
Raft support canoeing
Beautiful sand beaches, hotsprings and stunning scenery, the Salmon runs through the second deepest canyon in North America. Named by Lewis and Clark, the "River of No Return", the Salmon has numerous small rapids and a few larger ones—offering fun and challenging paddling for all levels. This trip is open to canoeists and rafters.

The Rio Grande, Texas    8 days - November '02 & March '03
Canoe Trip
Our Rio Grande trip is canoeing in a desert setting - warm water and clear skies. The Rio is a perfect trip for beginners and paddlers looking for a warm winter getaway. Our trip runs through the best section of the Rio- the spectacular lower canyons.

Select Rivers in the Yukon, Canada 10-12 days - various dates
Our Yukon trips vary in level of difficulty and offer a true expedition style experience.

•Instruction - We practice paddling techniques, discuss river dynamics and scout rapids. Instruction is tailored to individual needs. Feedback is available on request.

• Experiential learning - We welcome you to experiment with new skills and techniques. We offer the guidance and safety support for you to practice new techniques and experiment as you go along. We work on aspects of decision making and judgement calls when appropriate.|

We create a positive and nurturing learning environment for all of our participants.

On more challenging river trips, we bring along a raft to carry heavy gear and act as a safety boat while canoeists are running rapids. Without the heavier gear, canoes are more manoeuverable and ride higher in the water. Another benefit of raft support is that canoeists are welcome to paddle the sections of river they feel comfortable with and ride in the raft at other times. If anyone wants to join the trip but not canoe, they can ride in a raft or join a paddle rafting crew. We also offer rafting-only trips on the Salmon River and in the Yukon.

Active excitement and relaxing enjoyment rolled into one incredible wilderness experience